A Stylist Can Help!

The question I get the most often before photo shoots is “What do we wear?”  I get this question with seniors, couples and most often with families.  HOW do you pull together a look that coordinates without being matchy-matchy.  Long gone are the days of all khaki pants with matching white shirts…yes, I personally used this theme multiple times.

Enter my friend and stylist Ann.  Ann has a gift for pulling together colors, patterns, textures, layers and looks of anyone that I know.  She has personally helped our family several times.  One of my favorite things about Ann is that she does her very best to use what you already own.  She comes over, looks through closets, asks your opinions on colors and then she goes to town pulling it all together.    She sees it all in her mind.  She may suggest purchasing a piece or two if you are interested in that, and she can pull it together with what you already own.

Ann and her daughter Olivia at the end of Olivia’s senior session

Ann knocks it out of the park every single time.  She has worked with many seniors, boys and girls, and helped pull together different looks.  She knows how to get an array of looks for your session.  She has even been known to accompany an overwhelmed Mom shopping to be sure she spent her money wisely for her son.  She is a HUGE help with Senior pictures, she can help you pull together different looks for each location, or even the same location.  She can layer pieces for you that you would not have considered.  Even with those senior boys who don’t “act” like they care, I bet they really do.  I can tell a difference when seniors use a “stylist” vs trying to pull it all together on their own.  She is an expert with patterns and textures and knows what will POP in a photo.

Let me show you some examples of her style and her work…


“Ann has an incredible gift of coordinating and choosing outfits for your big day of pictures! She completely de-stressed this chore for me. 😀

She came to my house and went through our closets with me to figure out what everyone in our family should wear. 

Ann is awesome to work with!”

-Lindsay, Mom of four boys


Family 2014-006WEN

Sneak Peek-031web




MOST of us could really use the help of someone with an eye for texture, pattern and color.  I know I typically find one or two things that I LOVE and want to use for our own family session but then to pull together the stuff for the REST of the family is H-A-R-D!  This is where Ann SHINES….she goes through our closets and pulls things.  Ann puts combinations together that I wouldn’t have thought of, she takes into account the personalities of my children knowing who she can PUSH the looks with more than others, perhaps maybe you have a stubborn one or 2 in your family.

I had a Dad tell me this fall he would have paid triple for Ann’s help, for the first time ever his wife had no stress about clothes for their session which made it more fun for him. 🙂

I have asked Ann if she would be willing to “Style” families for Twig and Daisy this upcoming season.  For $90 she will style your family, or your senior, she will come to your home, help you sort through your favorites, give you suggestions, layer items, find shoes, ties, hats, scarves that you may already have in your very own home.  I HIGHLY recommend this investment.  I promise you will not regret it.  Contact Ann directly to set up a time to meet with her.  annmars4@gmail.com


April 15, 2018

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