The countdown is on to May 1, 2019

Hello Twig & Daisy friends….

Can you believe spring is actually here?  I turned off the furnace and cracked open some windows on this April fools day, which also happens to be our 24th wedding anniversary.  Who gets married on April fools day you ask?  ME!  Now you know.  I even attached my very favorite photo from our wedding day.  It was taken with a disposable camera by a friend of ours…I have always loved a candid moment.  April 1, 1995, Colonial Church, Edina, Minnesota at it’s finest right here.


I have been working on updating my site with some of my favorite shots from the 2018 season, featuring many of the Class of 2019 seniors I had the privilege to shot this past year!  It was a fun season for me,  a new website launched, my new booking system streamlined my life and I even purchased some new equipment which is always pretty dreamy from a photographers point of view and does nothing but help the images I capture.  I attended inspiring workshops, found some new favorites to follow on social media and dreamt of new things for this business of mine.  There is so much behind the scenes of photography, so much more than the time I spend at a session.

My calendar will be opening up on May 1st for you to officially hold your slot for the 2019 season, which includes Class of 2020 seniors…wow does THAT sound weird to say!

What exactly does it mean when I say my “calendar is opening up”?  It means I book on a first come, first serve basis.  SO when you go to my contact form and sign up that you are interested in a session you get put into my system.  I will then reach back out to you asking for a $100 deposit to hold your spot, this is non-refundable but does go towards your total session fees.  You choose the month you are interested in.  I do not book specific dates until approx 4-6 week before a month starts.  For example if you want a September session, you will hear from me around July 15-30 with specific open dates I have for September.  Then we nail down the date.  I do it this way to accommodate your calendar as well as mine.  I can’t tell you on May 1st when my boys will have football games in September, but I should know by July.  Make sense?

All of THAT being said I also take a limited amount of sessions per month.  So you will get put into one of the slots for the month you choose.  Obviously there can be weather issues and when those arise, we make it work.  This past fall we had 2 weeks of crummy October weather so ended up shooting through November.  I cannot control those things…sure wish I could.

NEW this SEASON, there will only be ONE Sunday for my mini sessions this year.  That means if you want one of those short little, Christmas card, reluctant husband, squirmy child sessions you will have to be quick.   I will only be able to take 6 for that day.

SO…if you are interested in booking with me for this year mark your calendars for May 1st.  The last couple of seasons I am grateful to say that I have filled up within weeks of opening.  And I really don’t like saying no to you, so please, please, please if your heart is set on Twig & Daisy set a reminder.  I love what I do, but I do it around my families schedule…so I have to make the sessions limited.

I look forward to capturing you, your senior, your family, your mom, your puppy, your kids who you can’t imagine will ever sit still for a photo…I love it all.  I wish I could invite each of you over to our home, you would see just how very much I treasure photography…and the imperfect of life.  I love REAL, it is who I am and who I want to capture you as being.

Here is to another season of Twig & Daisy Photography!  Oh and Happy Spring!

April 1, 2019

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